Back to school – St. Joseph’s College, Nainital (SEM)

Kids march off the playground, St. Joseph's College, Nainital (SEM) - Nostalgic?

          This is one school you’d absolutely love to go to, just to stare outside the classroom window and gaze away at the splendor, if not for anything else! It is here that many movies have been shot – Masoom, Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish to name a few. St. Joseph’s College, Nainital (SEM) proudly boasts of a glittering alumni list including Nasseruddin Shah and this is probably the place where Lalit Modi, as a student, brainstormed his IPL funda (Although I can’t be too sure about this one, but this place surely ignites the creativity within!)


  “You’ve heard of many a school I trow
 And many a college too

But there is one that always is 

The best for me ‘n you 

‘Tis perched o’er Naini’s lovely lake 

And our dads were there of old 

For a century and more ’tis known 

As the home of the true and bold” 

          Excerpts from the school anthem. Cool aint it! 

Let’s cut the jabber and show you how beautiful a school can be.   



Quite a school, eh!!

Quite a school, eh!!

It's a shame that i'm too old for school now!

It's a shame that I'm too old for school now!

With a view like that from the corridor, I'l love to be thrown out of the class every period!

With a view like that from the corridor, I'l love to be thrown out of the class every period!

             Don’t get me wrong, but this destination will most probably not figure in the list of most of the tourists visiting Nainital. I was lucky as hell, Rohan is an alumni of this place and so he got us in and the authorities were kind enough to let me photograph the school. Honestly, the beauty of this place matches head to head with other tourist destinations around. And then, there’s the nostalgia to add to it! Proud as I am of my own school, I would love to enroll here for a few classes!   

“In classroom, field or fame 

Their motto down the years has been 

Make sure to play the game” 

          Excerpts from the school anthem.  


With a playground overlooking such a scene, who wouldn't want to play!

With a playground overlooking such a scene, who wouldn't want to play!

Do you get the big picture now! Let's play...

Do you get the big picture now! Let play....



Kids practice for the teacher's day function - Just look at some of the pesky brats in the foreground, laughing and chatting away to glory!!

Kids practice for the teacher's day function - Just look at some of the pesky brats in the foreground, laughing and chatting away to glory!!

Due to the overwelming response and appreciation of all you SEMites, i had to dig out my storage device and 
upload another dozen or so pictures of my brief but beautiful visit to SEM, Nainital. 🙂 Enjoy. 













  1. oh great stuff man

  2. This is very very nostalgic….
    Proud to be a Semite as I always have been…

  3. Sem sem all the way

  4. china peak or tippin top sem sem at the top….good work dude….undoubtebtly proud to be a semite…cheers to sem

    • It is Cheena Peak NOT China Peak. Rana Roy

  5. really cool pics …. felt nothin less than proud to be a part of Sem but at the same time,… nostalgic too…

    long live Sem!

  6. We go we go we go like a light we are semites we know how to fight!!!
    Loved all the pics the heart is never content wid the pics of sem one wants to go on and on seeing sem from all the angles!!
    done a good job bro!!

  7. “Certa Bonum Certa Man”—-

    Love you Sem!!!

  8. was a student of St Josephs . studied xixth and seventh class here. Looking for old friends. Lalit Modi, Viraf Nania, John Naronha, Gagan Kapoor. Or teacher was Richie sir/

    • i am bharu yellow house boarder

    • Hi guys wonder if anyone remembers me Glenn…………..

  9. Amazing and nostalgic !!!!!

    I joined the school in 1979 (that’s 30 years ago). I still remember the first day in college. I was 7 yrs old.

    I remember the Juveniles and the boxing matches way back then. The trimph and tribulations with Sherwood.

    Good work guys, buck-up Semians !!!!

    • Hi Yash,
      Remember me Vivek Saxena, joined the same year as you but in Class VIth in SEM. We used to do up and down from Fatehpur once/twice with your Dad in 1979 when my Dad Sri P.N.Saxena was S.P. of Fatehpur and your Dad was a doctor there. Trust he is keeping well.
      Many memories…do write back.


      Vivek Saxena
      (SEM ICSE March 1984)

  10. WOW
    Great pictures ; thanks

  11. great pics !!!!

    • Hi Manjul,

      I wonder if you remeber me. I was one batch junior to you and remember your batch going to All Saints for classes!!!!!

  12. Wow it is the same SEM I left in 1976.Old memories are flashing back.

    Thanks for the pics

    • hi sandeep where are you ? paritosh here ‘hashy”

      • Hi Manjul

        Great job ! Thanks a ton
        Great to see Sandeep and Hashy respond
        This is Chinky Shah
        Mail me at ashah153:@gmail.com

  13. Best years of my life!

    • hey man this bharu yellow house 77 – 84 remember sheldon

  14. we go we go we go like a light we r semites we know how to fight…….. love u sem proud to be a semiteeee…..

  15. I WAS IN SEM from 1951 to1960. Frankly these were the best years of my life and I still treasure them. I started from Lower KG up to Pre senior Cambridge. In those days days, there wereabout 22 boys from Nepal. Its a pity I am too old to be a student any more. I still remember the hockey, cricket and football matches we played with Sherwood. “Come on Sem give it to them SJC” was the battle cry! The photos brought tears to my eyes and I have downloaded them on my laptop. CERTA BONUM CERTAMEN. Long live SEM

    • How can I contact Ananda P Srestha (Nepal) who attended SJC from 1951 to 1960? He left an email above. I attended SJC from 1952, so we must have been there during those years.

  16. sem….it is the most amazing … school i hav evr been to…. sem is an extremely good school….i will really miss this school..

  17. great pictures , I was in sem from 80- 85 seems just yesterday . whatever I have been able to achieve is because of the excellent environment . it is probably one of the best schools in India ,though it does not have the snob value that Mayo`s or Doon`s have. I miss the great view from the class 7 A and 10 A of the valley where fighters jets from bareily would fly , great building , looked better when it was white till Bro Donahue got it turned green. Great teachers in Chandra, PL Shah, Medly , Richie, Irwin and Bro Walsh, Bro Combure, I owe my handwriting to him,Bro Fernadez … i miss the town walks , fetes , juvis , fight with the woodians…. long live SJC go man go SJC… I wonder where my class mates are
    Mohit ANand, Hindukush Ojha, Nainwal, Lamba, Milind Pant, Sumit Pant, Vinay, Jamshed ur rehman,
    do get in touch 9974051179
    batch of 1984

    • Hi Rohit, here i am. been looking all over the place
      to know your whereabouts.hope to catch up soon. am in touch with mohit anand, milind pant , mohit maulekhi, and a few other guys.man, do i miss you?
      Hindukush Ojha

      • HI There

        At long last. Yup I do miss those days , and have been looking forward to get in touch with you for long.
        Do let me have your no


      • Hi Hindukush,
        I wonder if u remeember me from centuries ago. Its a really good feeling just to see your name on thjis site. You did well at school as V Cap, and Im sure you have excelled in life.
        Uday Singh

    • hey buddy this is bharu remember the rautela case hood was wood yellow house a section boarder

      • Hi Uday Veer,
        I remember you a lot.The handsome, expansive, spontaneous guy – member of the(enemy) quiz team, elocution , swimming, etc etc,- qualities enough to obviate any lapse in memory.The first Nutramul Dada too!
        The good feeling of getting in touch with you is mutual You may also remember that we once shared ,perhaps the only time, details of our home life once in the dorm during holls.
        I’m practising as an ophtahlmologist having my own set up in Dehradun.I have two kids, their mother ,my parents and three dogs in the family.My cell no is 9837175198 and do call even if its not for an eye emergency!
        Regards and love,

  18. dudes thanks for getting such wonderfull photos put in … maan how i miss those days in school … the football matches against sherwood … the town walks on saturday….. brother comber kicking my ass every turn and twist ….. i feel sad that i grew up so fast …… i still remmember the sunday night movie …… may have not liked the movies then but now u surely miss them …. love u guys

  19. Was In 1988-89 batch
    And seeing these pic makes me nostalgic
    Great teachers Chandra, PL Shah, Medly , Richie, Irwin and Bro Walsh, Bro Combure, I owe my handwriting to him,and how could i forget our bio teacher Mr Sah (Zinku )
    My class mates Vikrant Bhatnagar , Ranjeet Singh ,Ajay Semwal, Vikas Pandey , Mobin Raza , Noman Ali , navneet mittal
    my contact 09335100370

  20. we are semites and we know how to fight

  21. My husband is an ex SEMite. Proud as he is of this legacy, I am quite thrilled to be a tiny part of it as well. The corridors radiate of sincere tradition and pride. CERTA BONUM CERTAMEN indeed…

    • good day madam but why did your husband not post his comment maybe he is too senior i am from 84 icse batch studied there from 77 onwards my wife too loves the school and she goes there sometimes onher own as well and walks around the corridors and the fields though it is getting difficulty day by day as all the teachers we knew pass away it is just a few bearers and ground staff who remember thanks to brother fernandez who is there nowadays we stay in touch and he lets us in

      • hi i passedout of the 10th in 1982 . Can you let me know where i can see the year book for my batch. Cheers

  22. Its like a Novella of Nostalgia.
    Those were my Wonder Years.
    Batch-I.C.S.E (1989-1998)

    Besides,those are some really nice pictures.

  23. hey!!this is same sem!!!!!!!nthing has changed!!!!!!!!proud to be semites

  24. sem alwayzz rocks

  25. i studied vth to viith standard. in 1980s . my friends lalit modi of ipl , viraf nania, john naronha, gagan kapoor, bhisht, bully bipin shah. loved those matches in th rain , it was great. Richie sir gomes sir. love u. cant find teachers like u anymore.

    • Glenn Solomon reporting…..

  26. dis is 2 all da semites i miss u all includin the teachers n icse 07 i remember u a lot carry on the gud name of sem forward 2 da future n dont forget from were u got da strenth

  27. When I look back at my years in Sem and muse on them, I am amazed to see what a difference this great institution has made in my life.
    Sem is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
    I can never forget the Brothers, teachers like Mrs and Mr Menezes, Ms Deepa Sah who made such a difference.
    These pics took me on a walk down the memory lane right from my first day to the last.
    I wish I could go back as a student……
    Long Live Sem

  28. In my dreams, do I roam those broad swathes of my bygone years in SEM. I see all those faces clearly, numerous they are and leaving even one out would be unforgivable…everything that happened there now holds enough meaning like every stand of fibre in a nest from which we all took our individual flight, to spread out in all directions, and influence, just by the spirit that formed in us there, others for better or worse.Hindu kush Ojha ’75-85

    • Is it Hindukush from Dehradun.

  29. Hi,

    Was looking for information about the institution as am planning to visit for a presentation about our Institution – Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa. Stumbled upon this page with all these lovely pics and lots of nostalgia… I will make sure that I get an appoinment and an opportunity to meet up with the students and counselor…
    With best regards,

    • Thanks for the nice words of appreciation Yasmin. SEM is sure a thing of beauty! All the very best for your presentation.

  30. amazing pix… i miss the sem like anything… the pix has shoved me back to the memory lane,.

  31. The wonderful pictures of SEM refresh my memories.I am lucky and feel proud that my father Shri P.L.Sah, the Chem. Guru is loved and adored by so many ex-students.The ORKUT COMMUNITY describes it all. I joined SEM in the year 1970 and passed out in 1978.Our batch was unfortunate to be deprived of the farewell as it was decided to discontinue Class XI & XII.Hence I presume that most of our batchmates might have lost touch.Luckly Sanjay Shah,Jagjit Rautela,Rameshwar Singh,Mohd.Fahim,Mukesh Das,Sanjiv Rana are batchmates of ICSE 1978 who are in touch with me.In case of linking the chain please feel free to call me up at 09359428293.I sincerely wish to relive my past as an student,the memories of which make me nostalgic.LET SEM ALWAYS BE AT ITS ZENITH.

    • Hi Tribhuvan! Where are you?

  32. The wonderful pictures of SEM refresh my memories.I am lucky and feel proud that my father Shri P.L.Sah, the Chem. Guru is loved and adored by so many ex-students.The ORKUT COMMUNITY describes it all. I sincerely wish to re live my past as an student,the memories of which make me nostalgic.LET SEM ALWAYS BE AT ITS ZENITH. – T.L.Sah

    • I was taught by your Dad back in the late sixties. The dedication and effort he put in to teaching us was absolutely amazing !

      • Hi Tribhuwan!
        My batch (1974)was taught Maths as well by your Dad. Never came across a better teacher and human being than him. Fondly remember your Jugalbandi on Tabla with Sunjoy Joshi playing the Violin, during our Farewell.

      • Hey Tribhuvan where are you these days. Have you stil kept up with your old tabla?

    • Hi Tribhuvan,was taught by your dad in the late seventies ISC12…1978…my younger bro Ashutosh would be your batchmate…iremember you playing yhr tabla … your dad was really an amazing teacher

  33. i m proud to be an exsemit.this school has given me all that i need in my future.
    faculty was really good and helpful.
    really can’t forget this place.it was home for the borders.i miss the school a lot.

  34. Great Job.
    Great Pictures.
    best days of our lives .
    I wish I wish could relive those years- friends and teachers

    Now I am just waiting for the 125 yrs of Sem and be there

    Vikrant batch 1989

  35. tose old days like to remember them great pics 2008 batch

  36. sem sem all the way

  37. Wow!these pictures take me back to school. Good old SEM

  38. These pictures take me back to the the time when myself was a part of this prestigious institution.Also this brings me the memories of friend Sashi with whom i spent 7 memorable years, the townwalks and the tuck shop of kakee.

  39. And a dearer place cannot be found ….at least for you and me!!!!!!!

  40. I attended SJC in the early 1950s with my elder brother Maung Myint and two other Myanmar (Burmese) students: Edward Kyin and Stanley Kyin. We were boarders, coming from New Delhi. We were sons of diplomats in Delhi. I wonder if SJC still has our records there. The latest photos of SJC on the net were amazing. Some scenes have changed, while others remain the same after half a centuary. Keep up the good work SEM.

    • Mr Maung,
      I wonder if you are still based in Myanmar. I travel to yangon often. Will be interesting to meet an old semite in Yangon.rohit

    Well… that’s for each and every semite. No other institution could have given the education SEM has given..Not only studies but an overall persona. Thanks 2 all the teachers who have taught us.
    Muddassir Iqbal(’06)

  42. Words are less to describe, these pictures speak a thousand words and bring back fond memories! you see them and you feel you’re there.

    I’ve shared your blog and few comments from here with the SJC yahoo alumni group.

    Indeed, great work.


    • Thanks for sharing this with the SJC Yahoo Group. I was in Sem 1963-1969 and receive the mag ‘Sem Tattler’ by post. Our class of 1969 has also set up its own Yahoo Group and we have a merry time chatting. Let me know if you want photos from or days in Sem.

  43. Long live SEM
    I wish i could get those golden days of my life back when i joined this prestigious school from class-I (year 1977)I become so much nostalgic when i see these photos.I remember all my teacher’s (then there were mostly christians),ms.medley,ms.palmer,mrs.beret and our strict pt teacher bro.Komber and of course our headmaster bro.don’o hue.I miss Nainital and those days of my schooling very much.I lived there near K.P hostel.And yes,CERTA BONUM CERTAMEN

    • We could be close, I joined Class 2 in 1979 and Mrs. Manezes was my first teacher and ofcourse I remember Mrs Lal, Mrs. Parmer. I joined the boxing squad with Mr Gomze and ofcourse part of the Juvinile team in 1981.

      I even remember been canned by Mr Parmer and ofcourse Bro Comber. Ohh those were the days. I havent been to Nainital since 1982, wish to go there soon.

  44. Flood of nostalgia ! The photo of the football field reminded me of the mists that used to descend on the school now and then. There was magic in the place; i hope it has retained some of it. When games were cancelled because of rain or mist, me and my gang used to descend upon the billiard room, where Bro. Comber used to reign in his black gown and enforce his strict rules.

    We had great teachers; and some cranky ones, too.

    I fell in love with the school building the first time i set foot on campus for my entrance exam. Still looks beautiful. Excellent architecture ! And I still remember visitors complimenting the principal Bro Donohue for the spotlessly clean campus.

    Took my kids there and they loved it, too.

    I will always cherish my days in Sem.


  45. hey guys this is bharu thanks to munish maheshwari i got this email as such accessibility here in kashmir is restricted i am lucky i got it in may of 09 we of the batch of 84 icse got together and went to nainital vishal khanna of eastern court organised a dinner at his place fadu bro (fernandes), pelu (mr pl shah)and zincu( mr bio teacher) were the chief guests we were almost 40 with families. the kids too had fun they were amazed about the camaraderie we all shared and some of the kids too have developed friendship amongst themselves of which i am very pleased
    though there is one sore point of which all old boys must get together and sort it out with the present set up at sem

    that is the undeniable right to visit the school at the times when the studies are not disturbed eg in the evenings and sundays half days and holidays and this right to be given to our spouses as well when we are no longer on the planet some not all spouses have also come to love the place like mine

    the school must also endeavour to invite the some or few very successful semites later in life to talk to the young minds to ignite them to do well.

    and do you know 11 and 12 is starting again at sem that too with girls as day scholars as of now why not when we there we all missed out on 2 more wonderful years at sem that is after the 78 batch remember avdesh aggarwal and sunil sahay and of course the girls would too have been fun when this question was put up bro fernanades he replied that was not possible because you were there how could the girls have been let in then hahahahahahaha

    though they have been our enemies we must express our sorrow for the deaths of 2 woodians of class 7 in ramnagar recently

  46. further to the above i have just come across the news that deepak belwal from 84 icse batch yellow house from ramnagar was the prime organiser and coordinator for the rescue efforts at the accident site of the sherwood students at ramnagar the staff and students were quite surprised to learn that he from sem and that is true that the rivalry finishes off on leaving the portals of sem later on in life all nainitalites have a strong bond

    this news came from sanjeev mehrotra from the same batch green house captain i recollect from kanpur unfortunately he is too lethargic to open an email id so his mobile no is 9838569444 for those who would like to get in touch with him mine is 9797792588 pl add the necessary prefixes from where you are dialling

  47. great pics. i was in SEM from 74 to 84. my son is now in SEM and is in class 4.

    • Yes,i have the ’83 magazine, you were the student of class 8A and in the class photograph you were the last student in third row with Mr.J Menezes as your class teacher.

  48. SEM forever! Certa Bonum Certamen!! Fight the good fight!!! Cheers to all SEMites. Thanks for the added photos Sudhyasheel, they were simply great!!
    AnandaP Srestha

  49. The ultimate thing for a semite is Sem itself, no matter how many times we visit, it still remains afresh in our hearts.

    Certabonum Certamen Common Sem Common Sem

    • Hi Harshit,
      I hope u r same my batch 73-82.Incase you have details of our batch pl send them thru mail or call 9910377417.

      Manoj Adhikari

  50. I was in SEM 1958-1965, when I passed out. I always tell my parents the best thing they did for me was to send me to SEM. Could not get a better place to learn the 3R’s.They do not make teachers like Bro Fitzpatrick, Bro McGrath, Bro Duff, Mr Chandra, Mr Keelor, Mr Sah,Mr Krishna etc anymore. They laid the foundation for my admission in IIT Kanpur and later life. It gave me great friends— could spend all day counting them. Cant imagine school without SEM. Helping to revive the OBA in Delhi was a way of repaying a small part of the debt I owe SEM.

  51. Beautiful pics !! Was in SEM throughout(1956 to 66) as was my brother Shivaji who was two years junior… My classmates included, amongst others, John Britto, Deepak Basera, Mahfooz Ahmad, Anil Harkauli, Digambar Bartwal, Girish Pant, Neil Manuel, Bunty Singh, Patel, Faroukh Dubash, Harbir Sandhu etc….joined the NDA from SEM and have continued wearing uniform (all my life now !!!)Am now commanding the Western Army….the pics brought back great memories…my Email is srg2252@yahoo.com in case any of my conrtmporaries wishes to get in touch…..thanx and cheers !!!

    • Wonderful Memories was in St josephs College from 1958 to 1965 HAMID Was CALLED BY NAME OF MIKE

  52. Ooops !!! sorry for the spelling mistake….Bros Foley and McGrath would have killed me !!!
    For ” conrtmporaries ” please read “contemporaries” !!!

    • Dear Shankar,

      How did you learn of this blog ?


  53. I passed the ISC (class 11 at that time) in 1972 & my son did his ICSC from SEM in 2000. We are proud to be Semians and the internet has brought us so much closer to our class mates scattered all over the world. These photos remind me of my school days when Fitzi was the principal, who later taught my son maths (1999-2000).

  54. Sudhyasheel, thanks for the pictures which have rekindled my old memories of SEM.

  55. Thanks for the wonderful pics of our beloved SEM. Sem will live in my heart till my time come to meet Our Heavenly Father. Best wishes. Rana

  56. proud to have grown up here, a SEMian

  57. It’s but rarely that pictures have had the power to move me but the pictures of SEM did exactly that as memories came flooding back ..the town walks,sports day,the sitting on the ledge warming our backsides, sleeping in the dorm with the rain hammering the roof,…the sports and above all the friends …memories to numerous to pen down… I think I speak for all of us when I say that what we are today is largely due to good old Sem .Sem has shaped me into the person that I am today…We all owe a debt of gratitude to our Alma Mater..It was a privelage for me to have spend the better part of my growing up years at Sem.If I were to put all that I want to say in a couple of words,it would be this “Thank you Sem,thank you”

    Certa Bonum Certamen
    Shyam Kr.Singh

    Lest we forget, our worthy rival school has much to share with us and help keep the spirit of Sem alive. With that intent, here is some insight into the unique aspects of a Semwoodian Boarder’s life provided by the (Late) Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw of Sherwood when he visited Sherwood in 2000 annual sports as guest of honor. Here is his speech from the event. :


    Of special interest are these two paragraphs :

    “……Sherwood has taken me to my present position. First and foremost, I learned to live alone and independently. I learned to fight – from the time I got up in the morning till the time I went to bed. When I went down to wash I could not find my towel, and while I was looking for my towel somebody pinched my soap. This, my young gentlemen, happened for eight years. I am rather disappointed as I look at you carefully (I shall put on my glasses) to see so few scared faces. In my time, the guest speaker saw nothing but black eyes. I fought, and it stood me in good stead during the war in Burma, where we came up against the Japanese.

    What else did I learn from Sherwood? During the war in Burma I went without food for many days. I was hungry. I withstood this and said to myself, “After all I went through 8 years of hunger in Sherwood”. I was hungry in the morning; I was hungry in the afternoon, hungry when I went to bed at night. Does a similar situation prevail now? I learnt in school to hate my enemies. How? ….Thanks to St. Joseph ‘s next door and when we played them on the Flats. From the corner of my eye I see His Grace, the metropolitan, and the Bishop
    frowning. “You should love your neighbour”, is what they say. So we should, though I can almost hear the boys say, “except St. Joseph’s.” ……”

    Maneesh Chaurasia, Sem ISC 1969

  59. Brother i love u for this effort..!
    Sem has always rocked our hearts n will till the end of us all..!!! thanx a lot man..

  60. Years in SEM have been etched in our lives.Most of us do carry good memories of the years we lived and studied there.We were proud of our Alma Mater then, and still are today.
    Some goods photographs taken.Everything looks the same except for the new hue of blue !!

    John B Vaz
    ICSE 1979

  61. Awesome work. Makes me go back and visit soon. Hope in few years I will do that. Thanks for sharing.

  62. amazing photograph’s rekindled a rush of nostalgia,these pictures mean different things to students of different era…for me …having come to sem from Goethal’s Kurseong( Bro Fitzpatrick was my class teacher there) after ICSE as senior schoolboy meant we didn’t have to go to the study hall…instead it was self study in classes…liberating experience this…school for me and my peers was undiluted fun …where we learnt to take our own decisions…be responsible for them …be independant and have loads of fun living life.. Paritosh Pant
    ISC/12 1978(Pioneer Batch)

  63. who are, who are ,who are we???
    we are the champs of sjc…
    every single day i miss those eight years of sem…
    the best days of my life
    miss u sem
    proud to b an ex semite

  64. I guess it would be fair to say that we wouldn’t be ourselves had it not been for Sem. I can’t imagine being myself without Sem.

    Abhigya Verma
    ICSE 2000

  65. was in sem for a few years 1975-1977..though my association with sem goes back to 1970 as my brothers were all there..despite the few years still feel like a semian always

  66. Great Snaps.. Just imagine what started out as a mere sightseeing tour and photography session has turned out to be such a great thing.
    Any news of Divesh Singhal, Anurag Bhargava, Viraf Nania, Jamshed Dubash, and the rest of the 80 batch kindly fill me up at kaizadbbhaya@Yahoo.com

    • Hey this is gagan
      How u doin

      • Hi Gagan! Long time no see! Where are you?

  67. It was 1976 during an extreme storm that the right steeple of the chapel fell. One student was hurt when a piece of concrete ricocheted. Anyone remember that student’s name ??

  68. Thanks for bringing back the nostalgic moments.
    It is an institute , that taught us to fight a good fight, and for teaching us all ths shades of life/

    Salute to the foundation of the school- the teachers.

  69. Stumbled on the site and boy am I glad
    Was in Sem from1969-1978 . In the first class 12 batch.
    Brought back wonderful memories and so many familiar names. Fondly remember Mr PL Sah , Girish Sah ( Zinku),Gomes brothers , Mr Medley ,Mr Keelow ( never got tired of stories of how his brother escaped from the POW camp TWICE) and ofcourse Mr Freytes
    Was a year junior to Manjul and was glad also to see names of Paritosh Pant and Sandeep Tewari from my batch .
    My brother Atul Shah was there from 1964-1974 and I have sent him the link too .
    Thanks a lot for all these photos and the site
    Anil Shah ( ashah153@gmail.com +44 7887903492)

  70. hi editor
    I Neeraj Chhimwal wants to subscribe for sem Tattler
    Please send me details .

    • Hi Neeraj,

      I am actually not a SEM ite, in fact i was a tourist in Nainital who visited this wonderful school and ended up doing a picture blog post on it 🙂 So unfortunately, i do not have any information about what you are looking for… Hope you get that from other sources…

    • Hi,
      Rana Roy, the ex-SEMian who runs SEM TATTLER has the following e-mail address:



      Vivek Saxena(ICSE SEM March 1984)

    • hi,

      gud to c so many semites ….its like revisiting all those great years once again…i thank the family of sem for helping me carve my career…for making me learn how to fight a good fight..”CERTA BONUM CERTA MEN”…for sure..long live the sem nd semites

    • Hey Neeraj,
      I think we were together at SEM from 79 -86.

      Trust you recognise me .. be in touch

    • Hi Neeraj,

      Just read your name and recalled the wonderful time we shared together in The Great SJC.
      If you receive this massage call me 098100 83036.
      Yogesh Sadh (86-87)

  71. Wonderful memories ! Thanks for the photographs.

  72. those pics brought back that smell of sem i always long for-something i always ref to when things go crazy, in the face of the enemy or at home-damnit!ur an exsemite do it-long live sem.

    • still you don’t come to Naini rushing up and down from Ranikhet.

  73. Hi,

    Beautiful pics really amazing and stirs my emotions as i am a Semian and passed out ICSE from 1978 batch.
    I am searching for my teachers as well as class mates.
    Prashant Khare

  74. Hi,

    Beautiful pics really amazing and stirs my emotions as i am a Semian and passed out ICSE from 1978 batch.
    I am searching for my teachers as well as class mates and whoever can help me to trace them
    Prashant Khare

  75. Hi Prashant,

    I was a batch behind you, 1979 – with Thapa and Glen Raymond, Pem Tshering etc. I am on GMAIL and Facebook — search for Brijender Singh

    Brijender Singh

  76. Quite fascinating.

  77. this simply reminds of the best days in my life

  78. Guys, Did you know that Class XIth has been restarted this year, but only for Day-scholars…and the bombshell…it is for girls as well.

    I’m Glad that Class XIth and XIIth are finally being revived. If only they were their during our time, maybe my educational career wouldn’t have gone for a toss, looking for admission into Class XIth and the subsequent poor standards…But more of that later.

    What is your reaction to girls joining SEM? What will it do to our ethos?…And what is going to become of St.Mary’s?????


    Vivek Saxena
    (SEM ICSE March 1984)

    • Hi, what a wonderfull site and what wonderfull memmories it brings back, i was a border prior to 1947 and would like to find out if the school has any records from that period. If anyone has an e-mail address for St Josephs college would you please let me have it. My e-mail john.lorton@fsmail.net.Would love to hear from someone who can help.Regards

  79. I belong to Nainital, now in Delhi but SEM always remains in heart with sweet memories of friends teachers games studies and what not.
    I was in Sem 1973-1982.Any friend during my time,pl be in touch at manojadhikari67@gmail.com or call me at 9910377417.
    Hope to catch all friends soon.Its almost 28 years since out of SEM but still ???????????????


  81. I was in SEM from 1974 to 1980. Those were the best days of my life.

  82. Long Live SEM… though I see the Towers every morning from my house but such lovely pics bring the golden years of my life before my eyes…NOSTALGIC… Certa Bonum Certamen….

  83. This is Sanjay alfred john from Kuwait if you guys remember i joined sem in 1982 in class of Mr.Jacob i just there for 3 years well i am a police officer in kuwait police

  84. well my contact in Kuwait is 00965-99597149 residence 00965-25647309 or email me on saj1972@yahoo.com if anyone in kuwait please be in touch or around the world my brother to vijay alfredjohn was there well we are way back but yes the best days of our life

  85. My father attended the college in the 1940’s. We are planning a visit with him in October 2010 and would like to take him back but cannot get through to the college :-(. I have a phone number, can you suggest an email address please? As you can imagine he is quite looking forward to the visit!
    Thank you.

    • Hi,
      Sorry, since i don’t happen to be a SEM alumni, i will be unable to help you out regarding this. You might email some others from the comments section (almost all are SEM alumni) and get the info [in case it’s already not avalaible on the internet.] Cheers. Bye.

      • The School phone numbers are:
        +91(5942) 235037, 231185, 238097
        However I’ll try to gather the wesite/e-mail address.

  86. Graduated from SJ in 1956, and went on to St Stephen’s in Delhi. Have lived in the US since 1960.

  87. If you’re interested in what really happened on September 11, 2001, download my FREE ebook from http://www.twf.org/Library/911Unveiled.pdf

  88. Who are,who are, who are we,
    We are the champs of SJC.

    Certa Bonum Certamen..

    The best years of our lives were at SEM..
    Love you SEM..
    Whatever I am today is just b’coz of u..

  89. Hi semians,
    I was in SEM 1973-82.Any one from my batch pl get in touch at manojadhikari67@gmail.com or 09910377417.My batch mate Dhirender singh Rawal (Mamu),Shivendra Vikram Singh,Manish Joshi,Ajay Seth.Muneshwar Dayal Sarin,Harshit Shah,Dushyant Jaiswal,Neeraj Roy,Arun Mathur,Rohit Tandon and others if possible pl get in touch.
    Manoj Adhikari

    • Hi Manoj,
      It is wonderful to be in touch with you after
      such a long time.I am in touch with some of the names you have mentioned.Unfortunately,Dushyant
      and Rohit are no more.
      Will talk to you over phone soon.


    • Hi Guys,
      I wonder if anybody remembers me Glenn
      my email is yes1964@hotmail.com
      Would love to be in contact with Sem friends/


  92. Grt pics man……made us 2 remembr those memorable dayz we spend in SEM………i admit those 8 long yrs tht I’v spent in Sem passed like dayz n gave me those grt frnds whom I owe my whole life 2…………….SEMITES r alwayz gonna stand tall……
    …….we guys just ROCK……..!!!!!!!hope u all agree…??

  93. Yes, Lalit Modi was from SEM. His photo appears in the school mags of old still with me.

    Can anyone help me out with the contacts of my classmate Christopher Sen?

    ICSE 1977 SEM

  94. i am sem pass out in 1991

    anyone there from my batch

  95. NOSTALGIC!!! Was in SEM throughout from 1956 to 1966 with Shankar Ghosh (alongwith whom I joined the NDA), Manoj Joshi and Jasbir Randhawa, amongst others that Shankar has mentioned above.
    Hit upon the site while surfing the net.
    After all these years it brings back memories of the beautiful times that one had at SEM and all the images of the School, the Brothers and colleagues come flooding back.
    Am settled in Mohali after retirement from the Army in 2007.
    Am presently heading a township development project of a firm called SARE (South Asian Real Estate) at Amritsar.
    Anybody visiting this side – do get in touch. My Mob No is +919878001157.

  96. Try joining St. Joseph’s College, Nainital Yahoo Groups, has 300-600 Old Boys as members.
    The Link:

  97. this is gr88…..
    that is sem

  98. impressive!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. awsum pic these make me remember ma days at sem …. ma futta days wid ma frnds !!!!! dat was a home away frm home

  100. I was in SEM from 1979-83 (ICSE 83) batch.Wonderful memories to cherish.Any idea where Mr Ritchie my class teacher in Class 7 is? Let me know if you can

  101. Hi
    Great pictures, made me nostalgic, I studied in Sem from 1973 to 1978 till class 8th. Sem is even better now. the building is outstanding as always and in the 1st feild the shed now has a building on top. Taught by teachers – Br. Comber, Ms Sud, Mr Medley, Mr Khare, Mrs williams, Mrs Lal, Br. Burke, Mr Richie etc. The formidable Gomes brothers honed our sports skills. Truly an amazing place. Some classmates I remember – Alok Tiwari, Vijay Sati, Atul Sharma, Amit Sharma, Rajender Dharamwal, Vikram Arora, Sanjeev Verma, Gurmeet Singh, Gagan Kapoor, Anand Singh, Nadeem Ahmed rtc. Friends where are you all? I am in Delhi

  102. Lovely pics. I’m an alumni of the school. The best collection of pics of SEM that I’ve seen. Watching the kids walking on the field made me nostalgic

  103. How to join the ‘St. Joseph’s College’ network on Facebook (FB):

    You may have noticed, that many in your friends-list display Networks they belong to. To join the ‘St. Joseph’s College’ Network on FB, login to FB, click on ‘Account’ on the top right corner of FB, select ‘Account Settings’, on the ‘My Account’ page that opens next, select ‘Networks’, on the page that opens next and type in ‘St. Joseph’s College’ exactly as it is written here – remember to add the dot (.) after ‘St’ and the apostrophe after ‘Joseph’.

    From the drop-down list that now appears, select the correct institution (7th on the list at the time of writing this) and press ‘Join Network’.

  104. thnx a ton Anup, followed your instructions and joind the SEM network on FB….btw AWSUMMMMMMMMMMM pics of our good ol’SEM

  105. I too am a product Semian, 1974 – 1980 batch. The pictures on this site brought back some good memories.

  106. I too am a proud Semian, 1974 – 1980 batch. The pictures on this site brought back some good memories.

  107. this is the best any x-semite could get……
    childhood memories

  108. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really miss my shooo life even 2day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    when evr I thnk about 1 of muy golden minutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I miss my school St. Joseph’s College vry much!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really miss my Frndzz that were 2 much fun loving and we also helpd each othr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Some of my frndzz whom i miss vry much R:–

    *Shrvan Pandey– Always usd 2 be with me and also my bst and fun loving frnd!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Hassan Azim– He also had a fun lovng nature,, He had his bed jst nxt 2 me……. wE all had a nice time over there at night 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Adil Abbas– He was aslo jst nxt 2 me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Shivoy Thakral
    *Shivay Chhatwal
    *Attendra Vikram
    *Sidharth Tiwari
    *Karan Preet Singh Gill
    *Suraj Shahi
    *Shivam Mehra
    *Ajit Pal Singh Sandhu
    *Raghuveer Singh SAndhu
    *Hrishik Kumar
    *Rekhansh Patel
    *Harsh Bali
    *Yuvraj Randhava

  109. hi this nadim ahmad from the batch 1980 . all my class mate are welcome to contack me on my e mail nadimahmad@ indiatimes.com

  110. Was in St josephs College from 1958to1965 was called by name of MIKE Wonderful Memories

  111. Was in St Josephs College from 1958to1965 Great Memories Popular by name of MIKE

  112. WAS in St josephs College from1958 to1965 Great Memories

  113. Hi ajay,

    This is Rajiv Pande. Remember me.

    • Yes I do, it has been a while. Where are you these days? you can email me at ajmiester@gmail.com. Would love to catch up.

  114. Hi Ajay Negi,

    this is Rajiv Pande. Remember me?

  115. Hi Nadeem,

    This is Rajiv Pande. Remember me?

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